Thursday, October 17, 2013

Aaron and Jessica [Part 1/2]

Last month I had the great honour and privilege of taking pictures at Aaron and Jessica's wedding!  You might remember them from their Engagement Photos a little while ago.  :)  (Which by the way, I hadn't noticed until now that those were the last pictures I posted... I've gotta get back to this blog!)

I'm going to not make much more comment than just saying, I loved being able to do this for them!  I was the 2nd photographer of the day (my uncle was the main man on the job,, and it was a great experience for me.  I loved being a part of bringing the memories to life, and of course, this being the first wedding I've ever photographed... I gained some valuable experience.

Oh, and I also enjoyed making their cake. I did that as well.  :D  Good times!

Here is batch #1 of their pictures - I'll let them tell the story on their own.  Please note:  Look at their faces for their first kiss as husband and wife!  Priceless.  :)

 ...To be continued! 

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P.S.  Click Here for Part 2!

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