Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aaron and Jessica Are Engaged!

...And I got to take the pictures.  Wanna see??  

We started celebrating Aaron's Dutch roots with a windmill.  

And then, we braved the woods and the mosquitos therein.  I have many battle scars/bites from this one... Let me tell you.  But hey, every great photo shoot comes with a good story, right?

It was a beautiful day, and the most exciting part was... well... just keep looking, and you'll find out.

...Breathtaking!  And so close!

 Good times.  :)

Looking forward to their wedding in September!



  1. Love these! So sweet and you have a gift of seeing.
    Heather Russell

  2. You caught some really nice smiles in these pics, Naomi! I'm looking forward to the wedding in September, too!
    Uncle Brian